Signature Glass Candle in fragrance Orange & Honey 13 ounces
Signature Glass Candle in fragrance Haven 13 ounces
Signature Glass Candle in fragrance Seaspray 13 ounces
Signature Glass Candle in fragrance Lavender
Signature Glass Candle in fragrance Spa Springs

Signature Candle

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A Signature Candle in vintage look glass with lid in a variety of wonderful fragrances.  perfect for any space in your home.


SEASPRAY: A blissful kiss from the sea, Seaspray bottles salty air thrills in a refreshing composition of jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.

SPA SPRINGS: The peaceful melody of dancing palm trees and rippling waters, Spa Springs opens with a wave of aquatic notes and gentle breezes that trickle into citrus pools of bergamot. A duo of amber and musk issue a revitalizing balance to this serenely composed fragrance.

LAVENDER: A much-needed tranquil encounter, Lavender unifies herby freshness with sweet florals resulting in the formulation for a calming peace.

ORANGE & HONEY: Revitalizing through and through, Orange & Honey lands the senses amidst a picturesque orange grove where clusters of nature's candy gleam in ripened glory. Zesty citrus fuses with golden honey for an unbeatable combination.

HAVEN: As revitalizing as a breath of salty beach air, Haven awakens and rejuvenates with fresh notes of seashore breeze enriched with floral qualities of lavender and jasmine. Whispers of woody amber and sweet musk signal the onset of the ultimate escape.

  • Size:  13 ounces
  • Burns 90-100 hours
  • Lead-free cotton wick
  • Soy blend wax burns clean
  • Safety tested according to the International Fragrance Association and National Candle Association
  • Made in the USA
Gifts with Purpose:  Proceeds of this product support organizations in the fight to end human trafficking.