Red/Gray Stripe Hat Gnome Christmas Decor

Red Gnome Christmas Decor

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The origins of Gnome started in Denmark called "nisse".   Before Denmark had a Santa Claus figure, they had what was called "julenisse" (the Christmas Gnome).  During Christmas, each family had to pay special attention to their household julenisse. They must especially leave him some sweet rice porridge on Christmas Eve. If they did, then he would be sweet in the coming year, bringing good fortune and even helping out with chores. If they failed to do so, the gnome would be very upset and play tricks on the family the whole of the next year.

After WWII, it became very popular in the States to adopt this Danish Gnome Tradition.   So jump on board the "Gnome" train and add some Christmas Gnomes to your home.   Scatter them around your house and have fun!


  • 18.125" x 5" x 3.5"
  • Made with Polyester
  • Red/Gray Hat
  • Shelf Sitter
  • Decorative use only.
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