Cozy White Cottage Decor Book

Cozy White Cottage Book

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Create a cozy corner of the world that you long to come home to.  Liz Marie Galvan shares 100 of her best home décor tips, budget-friendly tricks, and project how-tos for adding comfort and warmth to every room in your house.  Whether you live in a fixer-upper farmhouse, a modern urban flat, or a rented townhouse, Liz will inspire you with ways to bring cozy cottage style into your life today.
  • Author:   Liz Marie Galvan
  • Photography:  Anna Vanderberg
  • Dimensions:  9.25" x 8" x 1"
  • Hard Cover
  • Published in Nashville, Tennessee

Gift with Purpose:  Empowers the artist's freedom to create and the opportunity to share their unique work with you.