Meet Chris

Soap Maker

Chris learned to make handmade soap from her mother who has been making soap for 10+ years.  She makes cold-process soap. Chris uses her own base recipe, then adds the essential and/or fragrance oils, any colorants, and any other additions such as ground spices, coffee, oatmeal, etc. Once the soap is set she cuts it into bars and let it cure for 1 month before it is ready to sell.

Her soaps are handmade in small batches using the cold process method.  Each batch is hand poured so no two batches are the same. All of her soaps are made using coconut oil, for its cleansing properties and moisturizing lather, and olive oil, to maintain soft skin, along with palm, palm kernel and apricot kernel oils.  Chris use essential and/or fragrance oils in her soap to create the wonderful scent profiles. All of her soaps are all handcrafted and all-natural.