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Cathy Gatti Portrait Glass Creation Artist

 I come from a long line of artists in my family – my grandfather made wood art and my mother was an artist who did beautiful paintings. In 1994 my mother and I visited a stained glass shop. In the shop was a beautiful clock with a pendulum, I mentioned to my mother that I liked the clock. My mother immediately said, “learn to make it”. I started taking lessons to learn how to make stained glass art in 1994. I wanted to learn how to make that beautiful clock. I learned how to create windows, sun catchers, lamp shades and kaleidoscopes. Suddenly both Mom and I had so much stained glass art we didn’t have room for any more! That’s when I decided to start applying for art shows. I exhibited my stained glass art in various art shows in Florida and Georgia. It was fun! Then one day someone asked if I could place shells and sand inside the glass. I thought about it and said sure! The mini-beaches were born. I have been making the mini-beaches ever since. The mini-beaches hold shells from the beaches in Florida and lay in sand inside the beveled glass.

 PS: I still don’t have that beautiful clock!

Cathy Gatti-Glass Creation Making

 Mini Beach Sand and Shell Keepsake

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