Meet Adele

Fabric Artisan

Adele is a whimsical artist with fabric, who lives and works in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Her life changed course after her Accounting Corporate shut their doors during the recession. Instead of getting back in the Corporate World, she changed her path to her real passion for running her own retail shop. In 2011, she opened an art gallery and gift shop with her husband, who is an artist himself. Adele received her college education in Retail Merchandising and Accounting which made this a perfect new direction.

Adele's philosophy is always be the best at what you do. Her creativity started at an early age when her mom gave her first sewing machine.  She works with colorful textiles to create scrunchies, pouches, pillows, Christmas Stockings and more. Inspiration is driven by her little piece of paradise by the sea.  She loves mixing different pattern to create these one-a-kind products and no two are alike. Sewing is her Happy Place!

Pin Cushion, Measuring Tape and Fabric (Handmade)Applique Mermaid on Blue Solid Fabric (Handmade)Sewing Applique on Fabric (Handmade)Flamingo Christmas Stocking made with Fabric (handmade)Fabric Scrunchies HandmadeFabric Wine Totes Handmade